A consult with South Atlanta Lactation will provide your family with a comprehensive and customized care plan with all feeding methods supported.

Preparing for baby:

Education during pregnancy can be the key to breastfeeding success. Learning about normal newborn behavior and feeding expectations in the first days and weeks post-birth, provides you with the ability to ensure your baby grows well and that you establish a healthy milk supply.

Preparing for baby

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Office consult

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Office consult:

124 South Main St.

Jonesboro GA 30236

Suite 211

Virtual consult

Virtual consult:

Some challenges can be addressed via telehealth. Please click here to contact us to determine if a HIPPA-compliant virtual meeting is right for you.

home consult

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In-home consult:

This 1.5 – 2 hour visit consists of a detailed infant and maternal health history, evaluation of infant feeding and oral function, a pre and post feed weight, and assessment of breast anatomy and milk supply.

We will work together to create a care plan that fits your family’s specific feeding needs, whether that be feeding at the breast, exclusive pumping, mixed feeding, or bottle feeding and supplementation. A follow up is often necessary to assess progress and make changes to the feeding plan as your baby grows.

With all consults, you will have access to support via phone/email regarding your current care plan for two weeks.

Pregnant and wanting to breastfeed?

A prenatal class may be covered by your insurance. Click here to find out about this class!